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Get Started & Master Kitchn

A collection of guides and concepts to guide you from your first steps with Kitchn to mastering building your own automations.

25 Articles


Tutorials and videos that walk you through building automations for common use cases.

19 Articles


A collection of pre-built automations for the most popular use cases. You can use them “out of the box” or configure them to your needs.

35 Articles

Node Documentation

Descriptions and usage guides for the Kitchn nodes.

59 Articles


An overview of all of Kitchn’s external integrations and capabilities.

21 Articles


Webinars that teach you how to use Kitchn.

1 Article


A collection of commonly asked questions and their answers.

12 Articles

Product Updates

Monthly Product Updates about changes and improvements of the Kitchn platform.

8 Articles

Creative Reporting

Documentation on Kitchn’s in-platform Creative Reporting product.

3 Articles